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Belgrade Lakes Reservation Center

Property Owner Forms

Property Owner's Checklist

Owners Rental Form

Management Agreement


OWNER SUPPLY LIST 2023 (a new list for 2024 is being developed)

To ensure a warm welcome and customer satisfaction, we are reminding you that the following items should be "ready to go" or on hand at your cottage.

  • Docks
  • Water/power/cable/internet (if applicable)
  • Cottage clean: Cottage cleaning personnel informed about what services you expect (recommended check list).
  • Maintained yard
  • Fill propane tanks for grills: PLEASE CHECK the safety of your grill and all ensure burners and grills function properly.
  • Trash removal personnel.
  • Outdoor trash cans with locking covers or bungee.
  • Make sure kitchen, all bathrooms and bedrooms have trash cans and liners. White or clear bags.
  • Septic is properly maintained for the season including septic pump out if needed.
  • Broom, vacuum and mop supplied. 
  • Bottle of disinfectant (for spills & accidents).
  • Dish detergent
  • Working fire
  • New batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Extra light bulbs.
  • CO2 monitor with new batteries. 
  • Oil, propane, wood~ fuel needed for heat.
  • Life jackets for any watercraft available. 
  • It can also be beneficial to type up a "do's & don't" list and make It visible for all renters. This will help renters maintain and care for your cottage. Town of Belgrade transfer station will only except clear trash bags. Post this in your cottage so renters are aware. This will also make certian your trash pickup person duties are trouble free. Let renter know where trash will be dropped/located for pick up upon departure.

Thank you for your time and please contact us with any question and concerns.

Best Regards,

• 207-495-2104